Why LCD and Plasma? 37

It seems to me that LCD and Plasma are discussed most when it comes to TV these days, is there something wrong with other formats such as DLP, 3LCD, etc.?

I would like to purchase a new TV for our bedroom and I was looking at the $800 range, this had me loking at 32" HD TV's, at least those of quality; I'd prefer slightly bigger. I happen to look at a 37" Sony (KDF37H1000) that I thought looked nice, just under $900, and I saw that it was 3LCD, this is a rear projection TV.

Why do these formats get little discussion?

Any suggestions for a 37" (or larger) HD TV for a good price?
They do get some sort of credit or what have you for a sale that is withdrawn if the sale item is returned . Or at least they used to . This is according to one salesman .

Also , be aware that they are instructed to push the item with the biggest profit margin for the store . So if you ask them what is best...keep this in mind !
i have a toshiba 36 inch analog tv set with nice speakers built into a nice cabinet with two shelves underneath for
components with a nice glass door in front. the colors are true to life, and thanks to the curvature in the picture tube i can watch the tv at a pretty acute angle and still see quite well. it has never given me any problems, although i admit i don't watch it that much... when i watch a DVD i can see facial hair on the actors. i also have a sony XBR digital (regular wide screen picture tube) set in the bedroom , which is very nice but the 4:3 aspect ratio problem is very annoying. overall i prefer the analog set. from the above discussion i would have a difficult time recommending plasma, dlp, lcd, etc. to ANYONE.
tell me i am full of #@$@$@# please. otherwise, what do i do with my analog set when broacasts convert to digital? is the D/A converter going to be available for a reasonable price, and hopefully will it work properly? i remember back when the 1st color tv's were introduced many years ago by RCA. they were awful. black and white OTOH was nice and sharp, easy on the eyes; i was just a kid then but i never nagged my parents for color ever. SO, do i have to wait until i'm 70 before they work out the bugs with digital tv sets?
Plasma and LCD have been favored over CRT and DLP for years now because of their sexy thin boxes - despite their disadvantages. But DLP is closing the gap with huge 60+" screens and bodies only 15" deep. And some of the Samsung DLPs boast LED displays that are warranted for the life of the TV - they don't use color wheels anymore that require bulb replacement every few years or so.

You're right, the fast moving display video loop is a common marketing scheme - Costco does it as well - that makes comparisons of the displays difficult. And these displays almost always show just HD content, so you wont' see how bad SD looks on most HD displays.

But HD is the future. By 2009 all TVs sold in the US must be digital, which doesn't auger in HD necessarily, but sure pushes the content in that direction.

Good luck in your decision. I'm also on the fence, and am leaning toward a 50+" plasma. I'd love to have a 1080P Pioneer Kuro plasma, but they're very expensive. If I don't find the right plasma or LCD, I might go with a Samsung LED DLP model.
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The new Perfect Vision has a very interesting article on the future of DLP. The bulb still wins (and the Sony SXRD gets very high marks). The bulbs are environmentally hazardous because of mercury contained. There are alternatives discussed, but the raters don't find them to be there yet. However, the technology is still progressing. It may not be RIP for DLP.