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Video Question: Plazma or LCD???
If LCD is way too bright, you may need to adjust the settings. There are usually 3 or 4 options (with various names) without even getting into the actual sub-menus. 
Amplifiers for B&W 803D/802D
I upgraded from the 803 to 802 Nautilus (not the Diamond Series). At that point, the 802 had a much bigger sound stage. I now drive them with the 350 watt MF TriVista Integrated, which is a great match -- head turning. If you are going to buy the ... 
I would not buy a receiver that does not have HDMI 1.3. The 1.3 has both video and audio advantages. 
Cary 303/300 vs. 306/200?
I tested the 303/300 and loved the tube output section -- and I am not a big promoter of tubes. I ended up with the 306SACD, but the 303 is special. 
Why LCD and Plasma? 37
The new Perfect Vision has a very interesting article on the future of DLP. The bulb still wins (and the Sony SXRD gets very high marks). The bulbs are environmentally hazardous because of mercury contained. There are alternatives discussed, but t... 
DVD music concerts
Lorenna McKennitt has a new live from the Alhambra that is excellent. 
The Best of the Best Well sort of - CD players
To say that MF is overrated is just plain naive. This statement is similar to the MF bashers who have too much time on their hands. MF makes many different products, and in many cases makes the best value. Have you really listened to their product... 
The Best of the Best Well sort of - CD players
It sounds like you need to decide if you want a cd player or a dvd/combo. The Ayre is an outstanding cd player. If you are going cd, you might also listen to the Cary 303 (or 306 if it fits your budget). The 303 allows you to experiment with diffe... 
Musical Fidelity kw DM 25 Transport and DAC
Still no response as to examples of how MF products are poorly engineered. I guess "wiped the floor, big time" is indicative of the reliability of that opinion. 
Musical Fidelity kw DM 25 Transport and DAC
For the comment that MF products are poorly engineered, could you give a specific example or two of this poor engineering? zmy experience is quite the opposite. 
CDP Upgrade: Around 2k Used
Look at the Cary 303-300 and listen to the tube output. It is special. 
Pioneer vs. Panasonic plasma
Read the discussions of vertical banding in Sharp LCDs, particularly the 52" and the 56". 
DVD music concerts
Steely Dan - Two Against Nature, James Taylor - Pull Over, Fleetwood Mac - The Dance, Luther Van Dross - Live at Wembley, Eagles - Hell Freezes Over. 
Satellite vs. Cable
Get the offers in writing, and make sure they are not for one year only. 
What a voice
Check out the movie Gunfight at the OK Corral. You will love the soundtrack.