Why my CEC TL5100Z can play one ECM cd and not another one?

I just got a used CEC TL5100Z Belt driven CD player player. I encountered an unusual problem I can play an ECM Eleni Karaindrou CD (sounds great) however when I try to play ECM Anouar Brahem CD or Amina Alaoui there is noise and problems !?
I did carefully clean the CDs (they both sound magnificent in my OPPO BDM 95 )

Any suggestions 




If every other CD works, and I assume you’ve tried more than these 2 (?) there’s something in that one disc that is screwing up the CEC. If there are problems with several discs, you should return the transport. My EAR Acute wouldn’t play a couple of discs that my Oppo played and I just lived with it. Then again, the discs wouldn’t play at all. Not played with noise as you are saying. But as I said, if it’s just one disc, forget it. Or copy it to another disc and see if that worked. I did that once with my EAR and it played.