Why will no other turntable beat the EMT 927?

Having owned many good turntables in my audiophile life I am still wondering why not one of the modern designs of the last 20 years is able to beat the sound qualities of an EMT 927.
New designs may offer some advantages like multiple armboards, more than one motor or additional vibration measurements etc. but regarding the sound quality the EMT is unbeatable!
What is the real reason behind this as the machine is nearly 60 years old, including the pre-versions like the R-80?
That's interesting - what iss the belt tack stuff that you use? I have, amongst others, a deck using a thin polyamide belt - that was used due to the fact that it has low energy transferance. Must say that the Denon 103, and tubes a tad over-rated - that said - getting back on track so to speak EMT cartridges are excellent, having heard the VDH, Roksan, and Brinkmann versions.
My simple point with car analogies and comparisons was not by way of comparing cars to hifi in the manner you think, i used cars as an example of where, in many fields of engineering there are designs that defy time with regards to the application of technology to a problem. They exist in cars, watches, civil engineering, medicine - the list goes on. I will add that 40, or even 100 years is nothing in terms of evolutionary history considering the age of the universe...

The belt stuff you can get a at auto parts store.  There are different brands.  In regards to tubes listen to a all Direct Heated Triode tube system.  Now we are talking real live music.

If the solving to get around a certain size salom course had real profit to it we would see a better solution today.  With out to much thought carbon fiber/ceramics/electronics etc.

I do get your point but I really think the all mighty dollar is the real culprit here.  The C.D came out because of profit not sound.  The first stuff was terrible.  After that where is the market to support any real R+D.  Just think if we just the engineers who do the military stuff just making new motors.  You can see my line of thinking.

The one thing that does not seem to change with time is power/money/greed.


I've been using my EMT-930 extensivelty lately and mentiuoned that it
generates much static to the LPs.
From your experience what should be the best solution?
I mainly know 3 TTs : Linn LP12 I had for several years, TW Acustic I currently have in my system and the Thorens TD124, that I listened in my system 2 weeks ago.
No restored 124 are equal. Personally I heard the Swissonor’s 124 with a 200Volt tension and all the restored pieces they made for them and for Shopper.
Both Swissonor and Schopper know the 124 needs, among other good things, an electric tension lower than the new 230 or 240V used in Europe.
Also the new tonerarm made by Swissonor is a clear winner that has been made for the Thorens wonder.
With the new bearing and a motor that is completely dismantled, greased and some parts changed, (a 4 days work by a skilled technician) there is absolutely no rumble at all.
For me the best of the 3 I really know by a wide margin. As soon as I can I want to buy one but I also ask myself how and if a 930 EMT could compete (927 is out of budget for me). 

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