Why will no other turntable beat the EMT 927?

Having owned many good turntables in my audiophile life I am still wondering why not one of the modern designs of the last 20 years is able to beat the sound qualities of an EMT 927.
New designs may offer some advantages like multiple armboards, more than one motor or additional vibration measurements etc. but regarding the sound quality the EMT is unbeatable!
What is the real reason behind this as the machine is nearly 60 years old, including the pre-versions like the R-80?

Dear @brunorivademar  : You are biased to the EMT but you don't show yet facts that can probe what you " imagine ".


It's weird that the cutting lathe machines used DD servo units and not idler ones.  Do you know why?, if you have the rigth answer mainly be for you.


@mijostyn  Technics DD servo units were used in cutting lathe machines as the SP-02 that's similar ( with higher torque ) than the SP10MK3 even in some cutting lathe the SP10MK3 was used.


My favorite vintage DD is the Denon DP 100, I like that TT.



Dear @brunorivademar  :  " These are the true facts ( not " illusions. ) measurements/specs in the 1957 designed 927:

speed unnaccuracy: +,- 0.15%, the swing tell us that the speed unaccuracy in reality is: 0.30% ( the worst I ever seen in any TT. ).

wow an flutter: +,- 0.05% with a swing of: 0.1% ( again the worst I ever seen in any TT. ).

signal to noise ratio: 58db ( again............. ).

as I posted: the 927 was designed for radio stations  ..."


Got it?



@rauliruegas "

Techdas Airforce Zero speed inaccuracy -0.34% + 0.45%

0.79% speed inaccuracy

Oma k3 +-0.34% 0.68% innacuracy.

Much worse results.

Got it?

Can you see the measurements right in from of your eyes?

This are the true facts, not illusions



@brunorivademar  : It's you whom just ignore that MF reviews measurements are totally non-accurated and he accepted when say " only for entertaionment " and this posted here not on the reviews.



@mijostyn subjective, poor excuse? How? Most everything in audio is "subjective". What you hear is not what someone else may hear, or even like or appreciate. Hence, the reason there is so many turntables, speakers, amps, headphones, etc.....some like direct drive, some prefer belt drive, some like a moving coil, others prefer moving magnet. There are way to many variables...​​​​​​