Why would anyone want class AB amp when class A always sounds better ?

Cost ? Heat? Reliability?

Since I speak my truth, I never question another persons truth.  I think that's foolish.  I merely attempt to understand the other person's truth.
Different strokes for different folks. You do you and let people do what they want. It’s called freedom of choice.
what about the variable biasing whatever yamahas from the 80's...those were beasts.
My buddy has Klipschorn corner speakers.  He runs them with CJ premier mono block tube amps.  So tonight I brought over an old class A stereo amp my partner put together with some old parts we had laying around. 1.5wpc 45 tube pure class A.  Needless to day the Class A walked all over the CJs.  It was not even close - better everything including more bass and deeper bass output from 1.5 watts.  Music just poured out of the system, tone and space was killer, wide open musical sound.  So dynamic and delicate at the same time.  I may have to get some horn speakers now!

Happy Listening.