Why would someone feel the need to comment unpleasant things on sale posts

Hey everyone,

I’m new on the site and had come here after my father recently passed away to learn more about and downsize some of his vintage stereo equipment. So I posted the first item a couple days ago (way under the suggested price might I add) just trying to see if this might be a good forum for me to do this and within 24 hours, an idiot decides it’s necessary to write “Scam-o-llama” in the question box. This of course was then seen by about 30 other people before I had the chance to reply to it. My question is, why would someone here feel the need to do this. I’m not even sure what I did to deserve that kind of response. Hopefully someone can look at my listing and let me know what the hell I did to illicit that response. I get that I’m not super familiar but come on man!


@eaglerockcollectibles  Another vote for Audio Mart.  I have used it in Canada many times with 100% success.  And it's FREE. Did I mention it's FREE? 🤣  Pretty sure there's a US site if that's where you are.

Jerks! That’s it. People can’t help but be a jerk when the internet removes the possibility of being punched in the mouth as a consequence. 

There is an increasing syndrome of belief, especially by the younger generation, that they are the purveyors of knowledge, and others need to be protected from themselves.  So these idiots, with superficial understanding of the world, go out and with just a feeling, feel free to post their opinion as fact.

They ignore the traditional etiquette such as not commenting on for sale items feeling that the end justifies their means.



I am keeping all of his most prized gear and shaking off the rest. He and I spent a ton of time listening on the core equipment and bonded together over it. Once he retired was when he started accumulating pieces that I am working to eliminate as I simply do not have the space to keep it all. Working my way through it. In answer to someone’s question it’s a Sansui solid state amplifier that I had listed to start.

Appreciate everyone’s comments and glad to be here.