Why would someone feel the need to comment unpleasant things on sale posts

Hey everyone,

I’m new on the site and had come here after my father recently passed away to learn more about and downsize some of his vintage stereo equipment. So I posted the first item a couple days ago (way under the suggested price might I add) just trying to see if this might be a good forum for me to do this and within 24 hours, an idiot decides it’s necessary to write “Scam-o-llama” in the question box. This of course was then seen by about 30 other people before I had the chance to reply to it. My question is, why would someone here feel the need to do this. I’m not even sure what I did to deserve that kind of response. Hopefully someone can look at my listing and let me know what the hell I did to illicit that response. I get that I’m not super familiar but come on man!


I think it's because now many people think they know everything about things they know very little about, and feel a need to broadcast their poorly informed opinions.  The relative lack of legitimate information, and preponderance of poor information has made a lot of people dumber.

Lots of jerks around here. Typical hobby/sales site. Hang around a while and you will sort it all out. It's not personal. Just don't get in a hurry to take advice until you've done due diligence. :-)

Some people come here looking for an argument. If they don't find one, they'll manufacture one. Go figure.

Misery loves company. Unhappy people like to make other people unhappy. Just ignore the D-bags


“… Some people come here looking for an argument. If they don't find one, they'll manufacture one. Go figure…”


yep …. these types do walk among us …

I feel your pain.

Anyone who blurts spam has likely already been scammed. 

And still doesn't have a clue how to stop it.

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I looked at your ad nothing about it says scam to me and sorry for the loss of your father.

I see nothing wrong with your ad, everybody has their first ad. You might try AudioMart Canada also.

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It's the internet! 


Billions of brains surgeons, former Navy Seals, and world class experts in every domain (LOL) sitting in their darkened rooms all day with nothing else to do except educate and correct we fools online!

Pay no mind to the simple people out there. Why Some feel the need to gloat or be obnoxious is beyond me. They need to get a life. Keep your chin up, accomplish your goal, and ignore the little people.

Good luck with selling your father's gear. And please accept my condolences on the loss of your dad. Going through my pop's stuff was one of the hardest things I ever did, so I truly feel your pain. Soldier on and keep the memories.

You can put in a complaint to Tammy and she will remove this.

pictures are very important and serial numbers if you have them .

what kind of equipment is this , how old and brand ?

Sadly the idiots among us are all feeling empowered these days.  

Mentally unstable and or mentally ill persons tend to compulsively demand affirmation and can be very destructive.  

as in all cases and places ignore the fools and soldier on. 

I’m sure selling Dad’s beloved gear must be a painful and lonely task. God bless you and may you make a few friends here along the way.

Sorry for your loss ... Audio pursuits may be a special way to kindle a connection with him

I've been with the Audiogon forum for three years.  I've learned more than I've contributed for sure ... I've been on many forums; I think this is the best!

Hang in there!

because theres something unpleasant about the sale--thatd be a good reason

web based social media realities do also invade the hifi forum space. people are really brave in front of a keyboard. there are many degrees of complaining, of course. and shades of decorum.

i just retried from managing a large Honda Dealership for 43 years. part of my job was responding to complaints, including on line reviews. it was by far the most distasteful and frustrating part of my job. basically people will write anything with little regard for the truth. many times try to threaten and leverage and manipulate.

the minimal stuff we see here is just a slight taste of the nastiness i saw.

plenty of people are well meaning and appreciate someone reaching out and will work with you, but there is a dark side of social media too and many complainers mean to cause harm. it’s why i don’t do social media other than hifi forums. i don’t want any part of all that mess....ever.....again.

People feel different things. Some feel the need to help out. Others feel the need to bomb. Some feel the need to put you down. If you are easily offended by what people feel, the solution is easy. Go to the Home Depot and buy a helmet.

The world is filled with A holes you run into them all your life these are just Audiogon a holes. The flip side of course are those folks with the knowledge and kindness to help in a non-judgmental way. As in life you take the good with the bad.

@eaglerockcollectibles  Another vote for Audio Mart.  I have used it in Canada many times with 100% success.  And it's FREE. Did I mention it's FREE? 🤣  Pretty sure there's a US site if that's where you are.

Jerks! That’s it. People can’t help but be a jerk when the internet removes the possibility of being punched in the mouth as a consequence. 

There is an increasing syndrome of belief, especially by the younger generation, that they are the purveyors of knowledge, and others need to be protected from themselves.  So these idiots, with superficial understanding of the world, go out and with just a feeling, feel free to post their opinion as fact.

They ignore the traditional etiquette such as not commenting on for sale items feeling that the end justifies their means.



I am keeping all of his most prized gear and shaking off the rest. He and I spent a ton of time listening on the core equipment and bonded together over it. Once he retired was when he started accumulating pieces that I am working to eliminate as I simply do not have the space to keep it all. Working my way through it. In answer to someone’s question it’s a Sansui solid state amplifier that I had listed to start.

Appreciate everyone’s comments and glad to be here.


That type of individual justifies the reasoning behind using the slang term for a lower extremity waste evacuation orifice as a descriptive term. 




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“Sometimes they’re just being ar$eholes. “

Yep …. Although that I support your position a full 100%, I think it is inappropriate to characterize these keyboard kommandos specifically as “ar$eholes”….

Why? Simple …. It’s because an ar$hole actually serves a useful function ! 😅


This almost seems to be an Ode to late 1970s Steve Martin (Movie - The Jerk) and a lyric line to The Grandmother Song off the album "Let's Get Small". The line is:


    "Criticize Things You Don't Know About"


Sorry for your loss as well. I'm sure you are going through enough dealing with closure and an estate to have such "insighs" come your way at this time.

Most of these arrogant people wouldn't have the guts to say the same thing to your face! 

Contrary to popular belief. Things don't get better with age.

Back in the proverbial day, communication required intimacy. Whether it was calling someone on the phone, writing a letter or speaking to them face to face, all required that the participants exposed themselves to each other.

Talking schite to someone's face would get your ass kicked.

These days, anonymity has empowered the ignorant and cowardly. Now they are able to sit alone in their parent's basement and shovel their crap without the threat of consequences.

"Social media" is an oxymoron.

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” 

― Winston S. Churchill


@celtic66  Nice. 

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” 

― Winston S. Churchill

There are certainly a percentage of asshats out there.  The fact that they can be somewhat anonymous gives them license to be stupid.


There are certainly a percentage of asshats out there.  The fact that they can be somewhat anonymous gives them license to be stupid.