Will a Linn Majik drive Proac Tablette 2000 Signat

ures? This is the original Majik (33wpc @ 8ohms, 66wpc @ 4 ohms)? If not, what monitor speaker would you recommend for the Linn Majik Integrated?

Yes, it will drive the Tablettes. Proac recommend a minimum of 20 watts for these speakers, and their sensitivity is respectable, so the 33 watts of the Majik is fine. More power would certainly be better though and I suspect they may sound a bit restrained with the Majik. I used a Majik with a variety of Linn monitors, including the Tukans and Katans. I believe their sensitivity is less than the Proacs. They worked very well, although I did notice an improvement in the speakers when I went to a larger amp. If you're looking for an alternative to the Proacs, the Linn monitors are good because they can be upgraded to active quite easily. Keep in mind that you lose most of your power in the passive crossover. So when you go active, it's like an amplifier upgrade. Less watts will sound larger because you're not losing energy in the crossover. And also keep in mind that you can always use the Majik as a pre-amp and add a power amp. If you like the Proacs but feel they would benefit from more power, this is another reasonable alternative.
I have driven B&W 602s2 and Linn Ninka with the old Majik and was happy with the results. The Linn Tukan would also be a good choice.