Will a PS 300 provide enough juice?

Will a PS 300 provide enough juice to power a Primaluna Prologue One? I believe its rated at 38 watts, yet I think its all about the current delivery itself, not the wattage rating. I don't know, that's why I'am asking. All information will be much appreciated!!!!.......
I would SERIOUSLY doubt it. If I were you, I'd call PS Audio or check with the PS Audio Forum over on AA.
I have a PS300.If you draw more than 200 watts,it would overheat-especially with an amplifier.The PS 300 should be used only with sources,even preamps are slowed down by it.
I would try using the Primaluna with a top notch isolation transformer rated at 500-1000 watts.
No, it will certainly restrict dynamics and make it sound rather flat if it works at all. The 300 will work fine for your front-end gear, but not for a tube amp even of this size.
Thanks everyone for your response, most helpful. In short, I'am looking to regulate voltage on a tight budget. Looking at PS products(used) and Furman. Any other recommendations?

Probably too noisy for the living room. Best way is using a hard-wired unit in a non-occupied room (garage, basement ...) and dedicated line. Used portables like that can be found dirt cheap though. I have the same for the plasma that draws over 600W.

Wouldn't generally suggest under 2KVA to supply an amp but the "One" only draws 300W.
After doing a little research, I think I'll keep it simple and go for one of the exactpower units....thanks for everyone's input....