Will high SPL subwoofers damage planar speakers?


I am looking at upgrading my mains to something in the realm of the Quad 989s or the like. I am worried that placing them in front of my Audiophysic Luna subwoofers may cause damage to the panels by forcing them to move from SPLs in the 100-110db range. Has anyone experienced this problem, or can set my mind at ease about possibly damaging the panels in an electrostatic speaker given this configuration?

Do you really like your music that loud? I listened at lower but still loud levels of 90 Db + and my hearing is suffering for it.

If you like playing loud no electrostatic can really play that loud without distorting, especially Quads, you should find good dynamic loudspeakers that are transparent, KEF, Vivid, Wilson, etc.
Quad 989 speakers will be damaged with high volume levels and they are very expensive to repair. If you listen at high volume this is not the speaker for you.
Audiooracle, Wrong. Innersounds and Sanders Sound can play that loud without distorting as long as the amp is up to the challenge. Martin Logan Summit's can play pretty loud as well but since I don't own them I'm not sure exactly how loud.

Quad's on the other hand will go into protection mode if played over about 95db. The sub would go louder though. I'm not sure how loud stacked Quads would go. Probably 3 to 6 db louder?
As far as the sub damaging the panels I doubt it. Many people have had Quads paired with subs before. Hopefully they can chime in.
"Quad's on the other hand will go into protection mode if played over about 95db."

The protection circuit is not saving Quads from damage.
sorry I beg to differ no electrostatic goes as loud as a dynamic speaker, the issue is the amount of air displacement and throw that the diaphram can move before it hits the stators.

The innersound are okay speakers at best, I have heard them on several instances didn't blow me away at the least.

At shows I heard a set of Vivid rattle out the lighting cans out of the ceiling, never heard an electrostat that could move enough air without getting hard at loud levels and compressing.
There is no perfect speaker. Some speakers excel at rattling light cans from the ceiling and other speakers excel at nuance and truth of timbre. They all have their place and everyone has different taste.
Agree 100% w Rrog's comments. My 989s went into protection mode everytime I play orchestral pieces with cymbals eg. Rach II 3rd mvt. Whether your run a crossover to move the bass to a sub is irrelevant. Want to play loud? get Wilsons.
Audiooracle, you hear something at a show so that makes you an expert on it? Wow you must be good!
I never realized that an electrostatic speaker had such limited dynamic range! I do listen to music quite loud on occasion, especially orchestral and electronic music. I have measured SPL at 100-105db at one foot from my speakers on many occasions, even upwards of 110db a few times...so I take it the consensus is that electostats are not for me?!

Thanks for your input!