Will sand work in DIY speaker wires?

My question is: can sand be successfully used to damp a DIY speaker wire? What kind of sheath should be used? Has anyone tried this before?
Uh...yes, it's currently being done. Write me for the manufacturer. I make PCs using the magical Belden 83802, but use an outer soft jacket for resonance damping, even though I could stuff it with virgin North Truro beach sand. Careful what you overpay for!
Micro Bearing Steel Fill...I bet that can be purchased locally. Lak, I told you yesterday the effecs placing the Goldmund cones had on my transformer based Clear Image T4 filter. All the music improved substantially, especially at higher volumes. The wire that vibrates the most is the speaker's. I have touched it while playing and it vibrates heavily. I had been contemplating the idea since I started playing around w/ my t4, but it only makes more sense as time goes on. Making my own speaker wires w/ fill...