Will storing used speakers for 1 year damage it?

I am seriously considering a pair of used Nautilus 803’s which are being sold for a good price. However, I won’t be able to use them until I move to my new place which is about a year from now.

Question – will storing a used speaker for a year damage it? If no, what is the best way to store the speaker?

Rcprince, if people with good common sense, such as you have, had been working at Enron, then the company would still be in business and making a legitimate profit today. Put your money aside for the move, tyroneco! This speaker is not too difficult to find selling on Agon. And one year down the road, you might want something else entirely!
What if Tyroneco is moving to Siberia ? Not much to choose from out in the wilderness ? : ) Sean
Ha ha ha... funny reply. Thanks for the thoughts on how to keep the speakers.

My reasons for buying now:
1) I live in the Philippines and the peso (our currency has been devaluating around 10% a year). The speakers will be 10% more expensive next year. Current price of the pair is $2,700, flawless condition used for only 6 months. Is that a good price?
2) The used market in my country is not as common as in the US and my budget will only allow me to get 804's so to get an 803 thats is almost like new is a steal. he he he... I heard the 803 vs. 804. No comparison.
3) I presume that speakers do not change much and there wont be a super duper speaker technology breakthrough in a year. If it does happen I will kill myself :)
Those certainly seem like the sort of factors that would have you buying them now, although storing them in the Philippines, it won't be easy to keep them cool and dry! As far as speakers not changing that much, I wouldn't expect B&W to change their Nautilus line for a while, they tend to keep their flagship line intact for long periods (the Matrix series, while there were different marks, hung in for well over 10 years), and there comes a point in a speaker model's lifespan where it stops depreciating rapidly, so your 10% peso devaluation may well outstrip the depreciation on the 803s, which have been out a few years. As far as some new speaker technology coming out, I think you're safe there--JM Labs is touting their new Beryllium tweeter, which Yamaha did a long time ago, and horn speakers from the early days of audio are making a comeback, so there's not that much new under the sun that seems to be coming up in speaker technology that I've seen. And if it does, it ain't worth killing yourself over, honest! :)

Hey Sean, I hear there's an excellent line of speakers made in Siberia, although one critic thought they sounded cold and analytical... :)