Will the Plinius 8200 Mk1 fit my needs?

Given that I listen everything from jazz to folk to electronic to metal, how would a Plinius 8200 work? I haven't decided on the speakers yet, but I'm leaning toward Dynaudio or System Audio. I like an open sound, with plenty of imaging, soundstage & dynamics... percussion is important to me! Any other recommendations for electronics that might suit my tastes? I'm trying to stay under about $1500. Thanks for the input.

Quicksilver m 60's, if you can find them. Plinius is very nice but may be too bright (& out of your price range)for average (rock, jazz & folk)production CDs. You'll probably end up not enjoying your CDs anymore. Vandersteen 2ces might be forgiving enough to let you enjoy the music. Good luck
On the contrary, I had the Plinius 8200 and it isn't bright.If the Plinius sounds bright, then look elsewhere in the chain. I would search the threads under Dynaudio and see what amps some of the owners are/were using. I just sold my Plinius 8200 to a Proac speaker owner and he says they are a great match. He previously had a Krell integrated and it made his Proacs sound bright and sizzley.System matching is so important to get what your ears like.Plus the Plinius has 175W and lots of dynamic headroom for those Rock & Roll CD's.Try to audition in your home from a local dealer if you can.
I have a Plinius 8200 that I have had in my system for awhile. It is very strong amp for the money. I think it is good for all types of music. It has powered my Nautilus 804's for 2 years very well. I think you will really like Nothing else this good with this many amps on the market. Itwas 3k new I paid $1900. I am thinking of going home theatre so I might be selling mine. But my reccomandation is not for that reason. Whether you buy from me or not it is a great amp for the money
I would concur with the last two posts from 8200 owners...and I'm not selling mine. I am running two Maggie 3.5's, which have been purported to be a current-hungry, difficult load to drive. I'm not an engineer so cannot refute or confirm, but I am very happy with the performance of the 8200 MKI on the Maggies. Concert-level SPL, wonderful airy top end, liquid midrange, substantial and controlled bass. And of course, transients are wonderfully immediate...though that may be more because of the planars than the upstream gear.

FWIW, I have been told that the 8200 MKII resolves bass better than the MKI, but have not heard the MKII so cannot verify.

Personally, I don't feel the 8200 is bright. At least not with my Maggies. As you haven't selected speakers yet, perhaps system synergy will have a lot more to do with your final outcome than simply the Plinius examined in isolation.

Thanks for the responses so far... by the way, I am considering the 8200 MkI integrated (seen it used for under $1400) - I guess I wasn't clear about that.

Tbrros, is yours the integrated? Which version?

Mine is a Mk1 integrated that was upgraded from an 8150. It is in very good condition and I have the original box and I believe the manual which i would have to look for. I am willing to sell for $1350 and split the shipping with you. Either way good luck. I would agree with the person above though that it is better to purchase your speakers first. If you pick something with sensitivity of 91 or so you might want to look into tubes. If you really want the Plinius you might want to consider a used pair of 804 Nautilus or 805 B&W nautilus. They make a great combo. Can't think of better speakers for the money. Before I bought the B&W I used to jump from speaker company to speaker company every year or so. Now I just want to get better B&W's
I recently purchased the 8200 Mk1 and it is finally breaking-in. The sound was bright when I first purchased it, but after only one week the sound has warmed to the "tube-like" descriptions I've read so many times. Last night I was especially impressed with the vocal sections of certain songs - like I never experienced before - that elicited such a strong feeling in me. I've just never felt so connected with the music.

I am driving Polk LSI-25 speakers and am very, very happy. Of course, all things are relative, er, subjective. Anyway, I couldn't be happier for the money I spent ($2,300 for amp and speakers). Only wish I hadn't waited so long.