Wilson-Benesch Analog

Has anyone heard the WB act2 turntable act2 tonearm and carbon 1 cartridge or any other combos. I've read european reviews but nothing in the US
Sure ! I've got the WB Ref t/t, Act 2 tone arm, and Stage One MM/MC phono with Transfiguration Temper Supreme cartridge. Sounds great! Am using it with Tube Technology "Synergy" integrated valve amp, and Sonus Faber Amati speakers. I/Cs and speakers cables are Transparent refs. Music is open, real and transparent, terrific presence and soundstage. WB is a UK manufacturer specialising in the use of carbon fibre and other technologies - their website is at www.wilson-benesch.com If I remember correctly, the WB FullCircle t/t is rated Stereophile Class B in the '99 listings. Hope this helps.
You can upgrade LP12 with carbon parts. Wilson sounds a little dry, and the upgraded Linn is a little warmer. Can't comment on the arm though. However, the carbon graphite LP12 will cost half of Wilson, since there are plenty of used LP12 around. More info: http://busybusy.homepage.com/lp12.html
I use the WB ACT two on my Verdier 'La-Platine' for some years now, cartridge is an vd.Hul Grasshopper 3 somewhat modified by Mr. vd Hul. the ACT two is a great combo with the 'hopper, i recently have heard the Colibrie, and yup, i think i found my next cartridge. The Platine is the last table you will need, i know of somebody who prefers it to his Goldmund Ref. enjoy the music. you may visit my rig at www.aca.gr