Wilson Benesch Arc/discoveries VS sonus Faber Crem

Hi i was wondering if I could seek out some advice. I am looking to get back into a 2 channel setup after being using a headphone setup.

I have a ML 31/30.5 as source. I will also hopefully be getting a Burmester 001 within the next two months. I have also been offered a chance to acquire a set of Jeff Rowland model 10 amp in a packaged deal with the Burmester.

Which leaves me speakers. Which of the shortlisted would work best?

I prefer my setup to be on the warmer side of neutral with a hint of sweetness. Do you think the Sonus Fabers would give me the sound I am looking for? I did fancy the B&W nautilus 805 signatures but I don;t think they would give me the tonality and midrange I am looking for.

I know I would be advised to audition before parting with cash but I live in the middle of nowhere so it's not easy to find these particular products.

I listen to a little bit of everything but my main tastes are heavy rock, live accoustic, opera, classical.

So it has to do bass as well as refinement.

Just give you an idea of what headphone I currently enjoy and hoping to find the similar sound but on the larger scale is Grado Rs-1 and Sennheiser Orpheus

Any advice or opinions would be kindly appreciated.
Hi Mikeylee19

I agree that you are making a great choice with the Burmester 001. I use mine with Nagra VPA tube monoblocks feeding into Audiovector Si6 AA speakers.

The Audiovectors replaced my von Schweikert VR4's and easily outperformed other speakers auditioned including Dynaudio C1 and B&W 805 Signature (both lacking real depth); Dynaudio C4 (somewhat edgy and very fussy about placement) and Wilson Sophia (all the frequencies were there but a flat presentation lacking impact).

The Audiovectors have a full, rich bass, natural mids and clear, shimmering highs without traces of boominess or edginess. Just a refined, involving, effortless and organic reproduction of music.

I listen mainly to classical - opera, orchestral and chamber.

Cables include Harmonic Tech Magic power, Argento speaker cables and the little known but excellent Bocchino Evening Star interconnects.