Wilson Benesch Torus hoop-up? Help

I am having trouble hooking up my Wilson Benesch Torus sub. Using the Neutralink cable, EXACTLY where on the sub do the red, black and yellow wires connect from top to bottom. Second which XLR input on the Torus amp do you then use to connect to your preamp?
Wow, this is a sub I'd love to hear. Can you comment on how it sound vs. Traditional subs?

instructions for installation is in the above manual.

for best results use hi-gain connection from amp speaker connections to torus controller/amp (page 18)

controller/amp to torus connection (page 27)

Eq switch as default (Factory setting bypass)

hope this helps

red / black and yellow wire is to connects to your main system amp to the hi level gain connection on the torus controller/amp

for low-level connection from preamp to torus controller/amp see page 19 - 20. this would use either XLR or RCA interconnects.

do not use both HI and Low level connections , for best results use the hi-level gain set-up.

Put the red and black on right channel loudspeaker outputs, yellow on the hot output of the left hand speakers.

The sound coming out of these sound is amazing, virtually no excursions but the added space and physicality of the performers are beyond wildest dreams.
I've used them on various main speakers ranging from WB own Square 2 and ARC to Marten Bird's.
Does anyone in the NYC or West Palm Beach area have this sub. I would really love to hear it. Teddy, any additional comments vs. traditional top performing subs would be appreciated. I am thinking this might be ideal to extend the TAD CR1 (which I sell) which would need a very fast and lithe sub. I know the generally accepted rule is 2 lesser subs is better than 1 higher quality sub, but does this still hold with the Torus? (2 gets mighty expensive)

Also I have been told that using the Torus with a more powerful amp than provided, yields even better results.