Wilson's new speaker the Sasha is coming.

THere is a teaser on their website. Looks beautiful if you can make out the images. I think it is a step up from the WP generation. Maybe a replacement.

Hence my switch to Tara cables. Smooth and extended highs without glare. What I have found is that opinions on treble/high frequencies vary between listeners and you need to understand the other persons bias before accepting their recommendations.
Has anyone else heard the Sasha?

I've ordered a pair, am pairing them with CAT JL-3 Mk2s and a Wadia 781i. I need more impressions of them as I'm still shopping for a preamp.
I auditioned them this past weekend with near top VTL gear (S400, 6.5), DCS digital and mostly transparent cables.

Honestly, they sound like a Maxx III in a smaller package. They are noticably bigger in size and sound than the WP8s and my Sophia 2s, and I'd say they sound closer to the Maxx III and Alexandria II's than the WP8 or Sophia 2s.

Simply, they have a sense of "weight" in the midrange that the smaller WP8/Sophias can't touch. They also sound effortless and uncongested and natural. They are very, very coherent and balanced.

This will sound cheesy, but my first comment to the sales rep after the demo was "Every Wilson speaker sounds impressive, but these new Sashas are the first Wilson speaker to sound gorgeous."

The new Sashas are a bargain, I'm thinking about upgrading my Sophia 2s...
I just got my Sashas today. Hec4 has described them perfectly. They are a significant improvement of the WP 8.