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Dump the Wadia 781?
Right on cue, the transport now seems to have developed a mind of its own. It does in and out of the chassis when I load 'some' discs. And even when empty it sometimes ejects.Anyone know of a shortcut way to kill this? 
Tubes for Lamm m1.2 Reference
Sorry to revive such an old thread.I just dropped a pair of Amperex Pinched Waist 6922s into my M1.2s. They cost me about 550 per pair. They replaced a pair of 6H23N-EBs( a 6922 variant apparently)After about 30 hours they sound so bright, and for... 
How's the Synergy between Lamm1.2ref and AR REF5
I have the combo you're thinking of having. The reason I went with Lamm is also the well-known synergy between the Sasha and Lamm M1.2s. Having a remote was also a major factor.The combo sounds very good, but beware that the Ref5 break-in is somew... 
Tube Questions - Audio Research Reference 5
I have a Ref5 with the same problem, but it was the 6H30 tubes that were the issue. My dealer sent me a pair in exchange with the problematic ones.If you bought from an authorized dealer I suggest you do the same. I also called ARC's office, and t... 
Krell FPB and cast versions
I had a pair of Thiels CS 2.3s and Krell KAV300i(Some people don't consider this a real Krell).Chazzbo hit it right on the head, its bright and metallic all the way! I could barely listen to it for more than 30 minutes at a time. 
Tube Monoblock location? - Rack or near speakers?
Thanks very much, Atmasphere.I thought as much as well, still, much appreciated. 
Tube Monoblock location? - Rack or near speakers?
I am in the same boat set-up wise.However my question is a little equipment specific, sorry OP for hijacking the thread.I am running the ARC Ref5 preamp to CAT's JL3 Mk.2 monoblocs. My dealer says single-ended sounds better but I am concerned that... 
Jim Thiel has passed.
I've had a pair of his CS2.3s for 10 years now. Much like him, understated, classy and truly of good value.Our thoughts go out to his family. 
LCD TV, how does it affect your 2 channels
Hevac1,Could you elaborate on the 'drum skin' effect? How much does the bamboo sash help? 
Help spec cables and cords for my system
Okay, if it helps, the whole system probably costs 75k. The characteristics I would need, I thought were already evident given the choice of equipment? (Wadia and wilson probably a little revealing etc...)This is not a survey. Thanks. 
Wilson's new speaker the Sasha is coming.
Has anyone else heard the Sasha?I've ordered a pair, am pairing them with CAT JL-3 Mk2s and a Wadia 781i. I need more impressions of them as I'm still shopping for a preamp. 
CAT JL-3 Sig Mk2s direct from Wadia 781i?
Jafox, Thanks for such an informative and insightful reply, its the kind which makes A'gon the best source for exchange of knowledge on these matters.Unfortunately I come from a small country where home auditions do not exist, and even store audit... 
CAT JL-3 Sig Mk2s direct from Wadia 781i?
Mtdking,What were the benefits of using a preamp?Other responders:On my checklist would be: VAC renaissance MkIII, ARC's new Ref5, or the VTL 6.5 or Nagra PL-L. All would be circa 10k new. The Ref5 should be an improved Ref3 I gather.Based on the ... 
Room size suitable for which Wilsons?
Goatwuss, I did not mean to come off as stand-offish nor dismissive. I was merely being clear about my music choices.I do know my music choices tend to be off the beaten path amongst most audiophiles, hence the need to state them clearly.I appreci... 
Room size suitable for which Wilsons?
Err..that for starters isn't something I'd consider.I listen to rock music at least 50% of the time, and dynamics are very much a consideration.Thanks anyway, Goatwuss.