Wilson Sasha - Ayre V5xe MP users only

My question is fairly specific to the subject, only Sasha users would be appreciated in responding. Have you ever used the V5xe MP series power amplifier with your Sasha's? Just wanted to know your opinion since I have already tried the MXR monos with them as recommended. Thank you
Did you not care for the MXR Sasha combo? I have the Sasha, MXR and Nagra PL-L. I also have experience with the V 5xe MP and Wilson Watt Puppy 8.
I did and very nice I must say, I am looking at the VXR if I do move up due to configuration reasons. I have the V5xe MP and I do really enjoy the sound of this amplifier with my K5xe MP and thinking if the upgrade would be necessary, I did hear their new Preamp with the diamond output stage and that is definitely worth an upgrade.

Just curious as to how the V5xe MP would sound with the Sashas. They work well with my less complicated Sophis 2 but moving up the ladder soon and looking at options. Thanks
Now I understand your question. I would suggest upgrading to the Sasha and see if you are satisfied with the sound. While I have not heard he v5xe with my Sasha I did with the W/P 8 and w/p 7. To my ears the V5xe just did not have enough low end for my tastes and for the jazz and rock music hat I listen too.

I did drive MX-r with the k5xe MP for a while with satisfactory results. I ultimately upgraded to the Nagra PL-L which IMO sounded very close to the KXR for less $ and in some ways better.