Wilson Sohpia

Any one check out the new Wilson Sophia and with what amp/pre, such as Hovland Pre and SS Amp.

I auditioned Wilson Cub's with Pass Labs x-series. I liked the combo. In your face detail w/analogue tube like quality. Not as well balanced as Thiel 7.2’s and Pass Labs x series.
The Sophia's are a wonderful change for Wilson. Quite a bit more musical and less severe than the other speakers in their line. Other good speakers to consider would be Piega P10's (which I sell), Talon Khorus X's, Maggie's and Sound Labs. All are terrific with either SS or tubes.

Good Luck!
I heard the sophia's with the hovland pre and vtl amps at my dealer in Dallas. DCS Elgar and Verdi front end. WOW. I have Watt/puppy 6's. The Sophi's are the way to go...spend the rest of your money on the front end...