Wilson Sophia 3 speaker and preamp mcintosh C50 .... Which power amp is suitable!!!!

I just bought the Wilson Sophia 3 and mcintosh C50 preamp and MIT cable for speaker and interconnect XLR .... Then what is the power amp can be play with this gear ... Any suggestions 
thanks in advance 
Congratulations on the new gear. McIntosh MC452 is a great match to the C50 if it fits the budget. The MC302 would also be an option at a lower price point.
Nice! gear- tanlv702

Feed the Wilson speakers w/ the best power amp that you can afford.
You will be rewarded!  Keep me posted & Happy Listening!


Look at the tests done on these Sophia’s, the last 2 sentences first paragraph, indicates that many amps that have output transformers (tubes and the MC452) or amps with limited current ability, will sag a little current wise in the bass, and because of that will give a brighter presentation to the balance of the speaker.

Look for amps that have good current drive down to 2ohms if you want a more even natural balance, as Wilson would have voiced them. Probably with Krell or D'Agostiono amps or such.  

Cheers George

I've heard the Sophia 3 with the McIntosh MC601 monos and they sounded excellent bass are tight and soundstage are deep and widely spread.

I agree, they will work with them, that why I said it may sag a little. If then you use an amp that could deliver far more current into this load, then thing could change for the better again, to even give better bottomless pit of bass info and outright power.

Cheers George   

I have had a pair of Focal Sopra No2's, like the Wilson's, have a tweeter that will bring out harshness in the electronics.

For nearly a year I've had a McIntosh C50/MC452 and have been extremely happy with that setup.  This amp has the smoothness of a tube amp, but (to me) sounds faster and more precise, hardly "breaks a sweat" driving my speakers.

I've had the "hots" to swap out and try all sorts of other equipment, but not with the C50/MC452!