wilson watt puppy5 or genesis 501

what would be the best considering that they are both the (plus or less)the same price.not considering the typeof amplification.has anybody owned both and what is the difference.thanks to everybody.pat
The puppies will be far more in your face, while the Genesis will create a more ambient soundstage. The Wilsons will want a high-powered SS amplifier, while the Genesis with it's built-in bass amplifiers will respond very well to a good tube amp such as the new McIntosh 275 for the topside. I would not use solid state with the Genesis.


Paul :-)
thanks to Beemer, and in terms of tonal accuracy are the two pretty much to the same do you think the two are at the same level.pat
Agree with Beemer. I've heard the Watt/Puppy 5's and they
were slightly less tuneful than fingernails on a blackboard.
Maybe they're tameable, but an expensive speaker like
those shouldn't require exotic components to sound

I have not heard the Genesis 501 but I had a friend with
Genesis V's and they were lovely.
Think of the Wilson's as high quality monitors as the bass doesn't extend full range and the tweeter is a little hot on the 5.1. Since they are wilson they will expose everying in your audio chain for good or bad so system synergy will be key.

The Genesis will have lots of bass because of the powered woofer and I found they didn't integrate as well and definitely did not have the razor imaging that the Wilson provides.

Each speaker you are looking at are pretty different in tonal qualities. So it really depends on what your are looking for.

If you were talking Wilson Sophia's I would say DO IT, but that's a little more money.