Wine & Audio

Hey Guys,

I am the founder of Thatcher’s Wine. We are a wine retailer and importer based in the Bay Area. We have a unique focus in that our selection is quite curated. We focus on a lot of emerging wine makers and the classics! The only thing that we sell are wines that myself and the team believe in and want to drink! I think it’s an important aspect as why we are seeing a little bit of success is that we take a stance and stick to it and aren’t just selling anything and everything.

As someone who has recently went all in on the joys of sound and who spends a lot of time reading this forum. Probably when I should be looking for more great wines!

We are looking at doing some collabs with various players in the audio world. Something that I have noticed is that many wine collectors are also quite heavily into the world of audio.

In fairness, listening to a pristine Etta James or Miles Davis record and drinking an amazing bottle of Red Burgundy is a pretty profound experience, so I get it!

But as we explore more exciting opportunities with trying to bring together more special experiences with audio and wine. I’d love to hear from all of you guys on what you think would be cool to see, experience or things that draw you to wine that could "pair" well with audio!




Consider visiting the handful of audio stores in the Bay Area and leaving a mixed case of your Thatcher's Wine. You should start with Music Lovers (Berkeley and San Francisco). We moved away before Covid, so things may have changed. The manager of the Berkeley store was Hugh Fountain several years ago. He may still be around.

@tonykay thanks! We are actually working on a Tokyo Record Bar / Hifi / Wine Bar concept right now in LA. **Top Secret** as no one knows about it yet. 

So I figured it would be very interesting to talk with everyone on Audiogon and see if something interesting comes from it as we flesh out the concept. 

Music Lovers is very cool - there are some great shops in NorCal!