Wintec R-1060 Receiver questions

I have a few questions:

1 )Does this unit have a fuse or just a relay ?

if there is a fuse....where is it located ?

2) How to remove wood cover...there are many screws on the bottom ...which ones will remove cover?

3) I cannot find much information about this receiver.

Does anyone own this unit and provide me with  info:

4) Wintec is manufactured by _____?

It may have been made by Kyocera OR Luxman ??

Thoughts please 

Thank you


pure speculation, but kyocera didn't get into audio until the early 80s, so i'd guess they weren't the manufacturer. it could be luxman, but it doesn't really look like luxman receivers of that era--i read someone else speculate that it was yamaha, which it does resemble....

typically to remove the wood cabinet you unscrew the feet (not the other bottom screws). good luck.