Winter Static CDP Oddity

My Musical Fidelity X-Ray V3 has always had an issue: Ocassionally, it will freeze up after it finishes playing (never mid-play), locking all functions. I "reboot" by powering down and up again, and all is fine. This is a major pain because I go through the ritual of turning off the amp, then the pre to eliminate the pop I get turning the source off first. The only way to mute the pre is with the remote (big gripe with the MF X-150), which is usually across the room when I discover my CD freeze.

Last night, the unit froze again. I must have built up quite a static charge walking across the room, because when I touched the player, I zapped it..and it freed itself up.

I have been hiding my head in the sand over this issue for about a year. The player has always done this on ocassion. I know this "locking up" issue should probably be addressed. Does the static episode tell me anything about what is wrong with the player?