Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 transmitter....

Need a little help. I have a Yamaha RXZ1 receiver in my garage connected with speaker wire to 4 Definitive Technology AW5500 speakers mounted outside of garage - one near house above hot tub. I normally listen to FM radio.

My house system is downstairs. I run Tidal Hifi through Roon on IPad Pro. What I want to do is run Tidal on my deck with the IPad Pro(with wifi connection) through the Tidal app only and run my playlist and output through the garage speakers with Yamaha in garage. My dealer has a Livcon Bluetooth V4.1 transmitter that I can run rca’s or digital outputs to Yamaha. Then face the transmitter from garage window to deck area and use iPad Bluetooth to this. Bingo. Tidal playlist playing on iPad Pro through Tidal app. My question is there anything better out there that I can use for this old Yamaha receiver or will this device do the job....thx in advance.