Wireworld Platinum Starlight 48 i2s over HDMI

Hi all. Is anyone out there using the Wireworld Platinum Starlight 48 as an i2s cable? Curious about SUBJECTIVE opinions, especially compared to the Tubulus Consentus.


Ooh.  Great question!  I’d also be interested in anyone using top Audioquest i2S cables. 

I've tried the Wireworld Silver Sphere (the one below the Platinum Starlight). It was good, but did not surpass the Concentus.

I haven’t heard the Wireworld Silver Sphere or the Platinum Starlight i2s/HDMI, however I am using their Ultraviolet 8 and Starlight 8 USB cables on my hard drive with excellent results. I’ve owned their Eclipes 7 interconnects and speaker cables and they performed very well. The Wireworld i2s/HDMI cables come highly recommended.

I’ve been in in contact with Tubulus, they offer true high end i2s cables. Tubulus i2s cables are specifically designed for i2s audio. Which makes it possible to use solid core conductors with air insulation. This isn't found in many high end HDMI cable and therefore Tubulus i2s cables should perform very well.

I’m currently using a Purist Audio Design Diamond i2s between a Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK3 Transport and the Denafrips PontusII 12th DAC. Sonically I favor the Purist over my Audioquest Carbon i2s/HDMI in my system. The PAD Diamond HDMI has a dead quite background and relaxed presentation while still retaining good resolution and transparency and is a great option at the price point. It’s warmth is due to a combination of musicality and natural, relaxed presentation without being dark or rolled off.


Just an update... I ended up getting the Platinum Starlight 48, and compared to the Tubulus, it is more detailed but gives up some warmth. I plan on keeping both! 



Thank You for the update. I enjoy a few WW Silver Starlight HDMI cables in my TV/Video system.


Happy Listening!