Wireworld platinum starlight 7 hdmi vs. silver starlight 7 hdmi

Would replacing the silver with a platinum hdmi give me a nice improvement in sound between my PS audio direct stream memory player and direct stream Dac?  

Can anybody tell me what the differences in detail, tone, dynamics, soundstage, etc. might be. 
I know the platinum cost a lot more money, wanted to know if it's worth it.



The way it was explained by a Wireworld dealer/retailer, in that, the Platinum level is best served in an all-platinum cabling system (power cord, interconnect, digital...etc.).

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That sounds to me like the dealer trying to upsell additional products. HDMI is a digital cable and its behavior has nothing to do with the behavior/type of any analog related cables (such as interconnect and power cable). I have evolved as someone who does not like silver in their system (for power cable, fuse, interconnect, speaker wire). However, I recently discovered that this does not include digital type cable and silver/silver-plated digital cable actually works much better than normal copper. It has to do with how fast the HDMI conductor will charge and discharge the voltage. Since we are talking about square waveforms here (as a form of digital communication), the silver wire will have an added benefit to the digital RF square waveforms.

However, when using silver in an element that has a direct contribution to analog circuits (power cord, outlet, fuses, speaker wire, interconnect), silver behaves in a completely different way and definitely affects the sound here. Silver in an analog circuit is like putting in an op amp that has a very fast slew rate. What happens is that waveforms tend to get translated into a higher frequency than what they are supposed to be. (hence the tendency to push upper mids/highs and to be lean on bass)

In your case, Wire World Platinum use solid silver conductors. The Silver Starlight use silver-clad OFC copper conductors. I don’t have any experience with this directly because I haven’t purchased a cable as expensive as the Platinum, but the Platinum solid-core silver may have an edge over the Silver. The silver-clad copper may have some slight capacitance in the copper inner core that could affect how fast it charges/discharges. This could affect things like jitter and square waveform bit accuracy, but once again someone would really have to test these two cables to see if they can hear any difference. At this level, you’ll have to have extremely high resolution equipment and cables to really hear that difference. (i.e. $$$$)

Yeah, auxinput I was thinking the same. The dealer maybe wants some extra sales. Their are plenty of good cables out there, saying you need to use all platinum cabling is BS.
Thanks for your thoughts. I would still like to know if anybody compared the two.

Funny that you just posted.  I was reading another thread and came across some comments on Wire World HDMI.  If the comments are accurate, it appears that the Wire World DNA Helix design is so good, that their normal Starlight 7 cable (silver-plated copper) measures at 28 GBPS, which is interesting because the HDMI 2.0 spec for 4K tops out at 18 GBPS.  If this is true, then I would say that there would be absolutely no difference between the Silver and Platinum series HDMI cables.  If you wanted to look for improvement, you might try researching if other transports are better than PS Audio.  Reducing jitter and improving system clock are paramount in sending PCM/DSD to your DAC.  It looks like your PS Audio player is very well engineered.  Maybe Aurender A10?  Or maybe get an Oppo BDP-103 and have the linear power supply and OCXO clock mod done by Oppomod.

I'm posting the referenced link and comments below:


"But with the 8801 I and others positively do hear improvements. More specifically with the Wireworld "DNA Helix®". There is no shortage of wire marketing jargon and snake oil. And I hesitated to say anything because it opens up a massive can of worms. But at the end of the day, their patented approach makes this "DNA Helix®" over 50% faster bandwidth than any other HDMI wire no matter the price. Their copper Starlight 7 measures 28 GBPS. No matter how much money you spend for lower resistivity, it's only going to speed it up 1 GBPS. So their Copper http://www.wireworldcable.com/hdmi-2.0-cables.html sounds the same to my ears versus their Silver versus their Platinum (the price skyrockets). I have not repeated the listening session with the 7702 or 8802. So maybe their jitter reduction techniques make it so it no longer matters. When I sell them, I mandate people send them back if they don't hear or I want them back. A total of 2 came back. When they don't hear a difference I say great, they saved money."

Thanks for the link. Maybe I'm giving the wrong impression. I am very satisfied with my digital set-up. Just wanted to know if changing the hdmi cable would take things 
 Did you ever listen to the new direct stream memory player along with the direct stream dac with the latest updates. It sounds wonderful.

The Aurender suppose to be excellent but, I'm not into computer audio.
Sorry, I haven't heard the PS Audio stuff.  I'm primary a HT guy and only listen to 2-channel while I'm working on my computer, so I don't have any ambition to dump $8k+ into a DAC and player (which I'm sure are excellent).  For computer audio, I have an Emotiva XDA-2 DAC and Rane stereo line mixer, both which I have ripped out the internals and rebuilt major sections of (they are far from stock and probably in the Krell preamp/dac level at this point).  All being fed via digital coax from a Xonar Essence PCI card that has been modified with polymer caps.


let your ears guide you! I use a WW Silver Starlight 5.2 HDMI for reference.  I am curious about the "platinum" level cabling as well.

@snopro - you could contact thecableco.com and see about trying the Platinum HDMI from their lending library.  It would cost you 5% fee if you decide to return it, but it's better than having to buy the cable just to try it out.  Though, it looks like they only have 3 foot digital cables for lending.  I always get a 6 foot cable nowadays due to short cables having reflections (I've even experienced short HDMI cables smearing the sound).  I don't know if this applies to the Platinum cables with their improved design, but manufacturers keep making short digital cables and people keep buying them.
Jafant, I always try to hear something before I pull the trigger. 
Sometimes it's hard to try some gear. I'll get opinions from others who share my priorities in sound.

auxinput, I just called Steve from the cable co. He said I'm third in line to borrow the cable.

I talked to Wireworld today. They said with a hdmi cable length makes no difference,
so go shorter to save money. Also the Platinum is nice step up from the Silver, which I should easily hear.
snopro, let us know what you think when you try this cable.  I would be interested in knowing and this might influence me on a Wire World HDMI as well.
Own both! Stick with silver starlight hdmi! 
Thousands for a HDMI is foolishness! I know! I bought one!
Pennsy, I only needed 1/2 meter, so it's not thousands.
jafant, actually I did purchased the platinum and wrote a review a couple weeks ago, but lost it somehow when I posted.

Just got back from vacation and don't want to write my long thoughts again.

The Platinum is better than the Silver.
I don't think it is a night and day difference.
It has better detail, more open, slightly better depth and width. Little better separation and micro dynamics.

I'll have to put the Silver back in to see if the differences are greater then I'm saying.

I'll let you know. If you need longer lengths the Platinum really gets expensive. I think the Silver is the better buy. 




An update. I recently purchased a Silver Starlight 7 HDMI cable and it is my new Reference. Prior I was enjoying the silver starlight 5,2 HDMI cable.


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