With $20,000 in your hand, what speaker would you

I've recently gone into retirement. I am a 52-year-old diehard audiophile. I've had just about every statement level speaker the American market has offered over the last 10 to 15 years. The speaker I have found the most satisfying overall is my presently owned modified pair of Maggie 3.6R. I've also had their 20s and started with the Mg 3A. for my second favorite speaker I would have to pick the Avalon radian HC, and not the Eidolon( I had problems with the ceramic midrange distorting with dynamic vocals and the base was not perfect). I had dozens and dozens of conventional and electrostatic speakers so many I could bore you with the list. So let's just say I've been around the block a few times.

Let's assume that I made no mistakes meeting the speakers with the proper equipment, power conditioning and acoustical environment treatment. I have been mostly a tube person but I switched over to the new passlabs equipment because I found that I am
the equivalent sound or better than my reference tube amplifiers, without the heartbreaking experience of blowing up and $2000 tube replacements.(As I said I am retired now, I can't afford the maintenance fees anymore.

What I'm asking of my fellow audiophiles that have been listening with reference great audio systems is that they e-mail me back and give me their opinion on what conventional loudspeaker they would own if they had say $20,000 or so to spend(20,000 retail). Semi-full range down to say 35 Hz or so.

I'm going to keep the Maggies but, they don't feel the need when it comes to wanting a more compact/dynamic speaker that I could also drive with my Belcanto SET. Although, they don't need to be ultra efficient.

I would really appreciate anybody's input, I would find all of your input invaluable in making my decision.

by the way what do you all think of the Grand Veena 3A speaker. Is it better than anything for under $20-$30,000?

Thank you very much for all of your help,


thanks again,

PS I am still keeping the Maggies.

I can tell you the Avalon Eidolon Diamonds are the best speaker I have ever heard and you know I have heard just about all of them. I heard your Maggies and they sound very good in your room but if you ever heard the Diamonds your jaw would hit the floor. No box speaker sound like Avalon's and most maggie owners don't like box speakers.

The Andra's sound good but they need a sub or two. They don't compare to the Diamonds but the diamonds cost $14,000 more.

Some of my favorites are from Verity, Rockport, and Magico. I'd haul in the suitcase full of lute and leave with one of these.
I have a couple of years on you though I still have a few years before I punch out.

Bought my first pair of Magnapan speakers in 1982, back then I vowed that I would never go back to speakers built in a box...Well never say never...

The following year I came home with a pair of Quad63s which I still own today and listen to on occasion.

My budget last year for a new speaker system was 20 grand tops and as you know there are some beauty's new and used at that price point.

Over the entire summer going from one audio store to the next, the speakers I settled on I wasn't even aware of them at the time.

Do give the Reference Grand Veena's a listen.
totem sharmans or winds and with the savings buy a MSB
DAC I have both and I have listen to 100k systems and this combo can't be beat
I am very happy with Wilson Audio Sophia II's. The Wilson line has gone through some major changes over the years. I use to think they were very bright and loud. The Sophia II is different. It is voiced beautifully. You really get the open feeling from electrostatics and maggies but also get the dynamic impact from conventional speaker design. Not to mention one of the finest quality speaker cabinets in the business. I know there is a lot of controversy about Wilson Audio but I encourage you to give them an audition. I believe these run $16 to $18K depending on finish. I see them on audiogon for around $10K.