With SME Model 10 is it possible to get 78RPM?

After over 25 years I've decided to upgrade my Thorens TD126 MKIII and I'd like to get an SME TT but I'd also like to retain 78 capability. Is it possible to get the Model 10 to play 78s with the speed controller from the Model 20?

The Model 20 is also a consideration but a bit pricier than I'd like. I'm also considering a new Thorens or VPI Aries Black Knight. Any opinions/advice is appreciated.
I have an SME Model 20, and its outboard power supply allows for 33, 45, and 78 rpm speeds.
I upgraded from a TD126 MKII to the SME10. Amazing upgrade!

Keep the Thorens for 78 only which would be a more cost effective solution than the SME20 or trying to use the 20's motor controller on the 10.
Just curious, don't you need a unique type of cartridge for playing 78s? And thus, the cartridge used to play 45s and 33s won't do for those 78s?
Tubes108, right you are. 78's are recorded with a different size groove than 33's and 45's and thus require a 78-specific stylus. The record equalization is a bit different, as well.
Thx Plato. That is what I thought. Given that, a SME or other highend 'table would require 2 arms to run 78s. One arm/cartridge targeted for 78s and the other for 33s and 45s.

I have a bunch of what I am sure are top performances on 78s that I wish I could hear. For instance, several performances of Bach's Solo Violin Sonatas/Partitas and Solo Cello pieces. Lacking the 2nd arm modification, I'd need a 2nd 'table. Difficult to find room for a 2nd 'table required to play them.
Yes, 78s require a hemispherical stylus to ride the grooves properly. I hear that with the SME arms (especially the 309?) it's fairly easy to have additional cartridges pre-mounted to arm tubes/headshells for quick changes. I got a rackfull of pristine 78s from my father-in-law and I'd hate to just write them off. Keeping the TD126 in the system just for 78s wouldn't work though as I already have too many boxes in the system. BTW, anyone hear anything about the new TD350? It's a floating sub-chassis model similar to the TD126, but with mass drive and other current features/capabilities. It's available with the SME 309.
Thanks Islandbird. Your comments address my yet-to-be posted recent entry.