Wndows media player to Apple Itunes

I have ripped quite a few CD's to my external hardrive using WMP11 as my library. They are ripped in Windows Lossless format. I want to purchase a new computer and was thinking of switching to Apple. Would this be an easy transition. Can I hook my external to the Apple and play music off it and use the Itunes setup or would this be to complicated to do. Should I just purchase another Windows PC.
WMP is not the best music program for computers. Itunes is better simply because its not complicated with the ability to playback videos/movies. With the new intel dual core Mac's I am pretty sure you can run WMP on them, however, it may be beneficial long term to convert the files over to Itunes or another music only program. You can run Itunes on either a window's based computer or Apple, so you wouldn't have to deal with this sort of thing in the future.

I recently made the transition to a Mac and LOVE it, with this sort of stuff I just emailed the items to myself and then pulled them from my email onto the new computer. I don't know if you can group everything together with WMP but if you can that would be an easy solution to convert to Itunes.
No, you won't be able to just plug your hard drive into a Mac and use iTunes. But there is software out there that should let you convert Windows Lossless files to Apple Lossless files. Check out dBpowerAMP Music Converter.
You can run itunes on either a window's based computer or Apple,

True, but iTunes through a PC runs the digital through the dreaded kmixer. Google kmixer and you'll see it isn't what any self respecting audiophile would want.

iTunes though a Mac is great so I agree with Vegasears.
Buying a Mac shouldn't be just an iTunes decision. With the new Intel chip based Mac, there is no backwards compatibility with any Mac programs that are not based on its X operating system. I am still migrating files over from my original eMac to the new iMac and some files have been rendered useless because not all software makers (especially for games software) have upgraded their products to the X os.

With all that said, Mac is still the way to go. Just not having to worry about viruses and spyware makes Mac worth it. If you have the original CD's, it may just be easier (but longer) to reload them into iTunes.

Also, do not go with the wireless keyboard & mouse options on the new iMacs if you are purchasing now. The keyboard performs worse than the mouse ... less than a month battery life; typing skips; etc. Apple is working on it.

Regards, Rich