media cabinets

i am building a media room with a projector, so i am looking for a nice cabinet that will sit in the back corner of the room. Checked out Sanus, but found it to be mostly junk. Anybody have any other suggestions?
big help rossman... Google gave me 103853 responses, was hoping for some help whittling that down.
if you like traditional stuff, you'd probably have more choices, but i like modern and the best built stuff i've found that's modern in design is by bdi. gives you a good idea of what's out there and you can click on features to narrow your search, it's quite useful.
Salamander Designs. Get the mesh sides for cooling and hiding cables. Not super hi-fi, but pretty nice overall. Great for media rooms and very customizable.
BDI has some very nice designs their catalogue and descriptions aren't very detailed. I have their black glass Marina under my Pioneer display. It has terrific ventilation from the bottom, the shelves, and out the back. Cable management is well thought out and infrared remote compatible. It came fully assembled like real furniture so you might consider delivery.

You might find a few pieces to check out their quality at a Magnolia/Best Buy.