Wndows media player to Apple Itunes

I have ripped quite a few CD's to my external hardrive using WMP11 as my library. They are ripped in Windows Lossless format. I want to purchase a new computer and was thinking of switching to Apple. Would this be an easy transition. Can I hook my external to the Apple and play music off it and use the Itunes setup or would this be to complicated to do. Should I just purchase another Windows PC.
I’m still learning mac and use the following help page:
Is the apple you have PC compatible or an older model. I'm not sure but I think some Macs are not. I'm assuming all the new Mac models are PC compatible.
Mine is the last of of there product line that has not changed processors, G5 to Intel Dual Core. It's not PC compatible nor do I want or need it to be. My Son has a new MacBook laptop with the newer processor. Other than hardware options I can’t see a difference. If your are not familiar the new/older mac’s below is a link the apples G5 page. Check out the spec’s and the way the case is engineered and constructed. The darn thing is built like a BMW. Very impressive design.

Vegasears: As you say, Macs can read a PC-formatted hard drive--and that includes a lot of older Macs, not just the new Intels. But that's not Bodine's problem. His problem is that his music files are encoded in a Windows Media format, and iTunes on a Mac cannot read those files, as far as I know. That's why he needs to find some sort of conversion software.