World's Best Shock Absorber

This a real mind-blower!  I'm wondering if any of this will ever trickle
down to reasonably priced gear for the admittedly "over the top"

Lex Fridman has Barry Barish on his podcast.

Incredibly only 1 part in 10,000,000,000,000 gets through.
Well worth 12 thinks.

The first part of this, he is basically talking about what Max Townshend has done with his Pods and Podiums. A really good shock absorber designed to filter vibration by shifting it to the subsonic range. This guy does it a whole lot better of course. But same deal. 

The next part is harder to follow and I suspect many will miss it. Because his focus is a bit different. He wants to get rid of it all. Ten to the minus 20 I think he said. Phenomenal!    

We do not need ten to the minus 20. What is far more important for us is that we attenuate all vibrations equally, both across the frequency band as well as across the dynamic range. Because otherwise yes we can achieve isolation but the result will be colored, or damped, or hyped. Exactly what a lot of our stuff sounds like.   

This is where I get real impressed with Mark Baker and Origin Live. Looking at the Sovereign turntable is a lot like listening to this guy talk about what he did. There is not one simple solution. There are layers within layers of solutions.