Worried about Denon 103R high tracking force on LP

The Denon 103R is a low compliance cartridge and, hence, it has a relatively high VTF of 2.2 to 2.8 grams. Will this prematurely wear out my vinyl?

Note: I have a VPI TNT JR & VPI 12.5 JMW tonearm.

I am a novice on this stuff and need some help.

No, years ago Decca did an experiment where they played a record several hundred times and then examined it for wear with a microscope. They were using 3.5 grams and found none. The cartridge they were using had a very good stylus, the polish on the diamond , along with proper stylus shape and alignment are the determining factors rather than tracking force per se. Also a little heavy does far less damage then a little too light, in the latter case the stylus can bounce up and down in the groves.
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I was attempting to sell my brand new Denon 103R because I was concerned about my vinyl. However, with your assurances, I installed it and it is an absolute delight.

It is not even broken in, yet listening to the fullness of the instruments and the sonic resonance of the amphitheater, the Denon seems to trace every nook and cranny in the grooves.

Thank you for your in depth explanations.