Worth upgrading from MC611 to MC901?

I have the 600 W mcintosh mono blocks (mc611) and I'm considering upgrading to the MC901 dual mono amplifier (600 w ss, 300 watt tube) as a way to Biamp b&w 802D3.

Is this worthwhile or is there a better alternative?




FWIW-I run MC1000s and an MC2000 into N801s in a similar  configuration.  Adding the MC2000 was a definite improvement in my listening experience and I have no regrets.

I don't know what kind of an alternative you mean, but if I were in your position and could add tubes to your high end I would go for it.


I have not owned the 611's, but the 901's don't run as hot as you would think. The SS portion of my 901's never even run warm to touch. The tube section will radiate heat you can feel with your hand a foot away, but are far from anything I consider excessive. For their size and power they are very easy to live with. 


Do you know what the running use watt specs are? This would be very helpful to determine what the BTU generation is.

I have a watt use Device used to measure watts from an outlet. The 611 rarely gets above 65, and when just left on with no volume, it’s zero. The tubes probably have ongoing watt use and that would be interesting.

you have an interesting looking system. I didn’t see the 901. I see the mac amp and rack to the right. Is that amp rack on coasters. ? Would love to know the name , it's really nice.

@emergingsoul Don't know the running use specs. Maybe call Mac or check with a dealer. 

That pic is from a previous system I posted for an IRS Beta thread. The Mac amps on the side are 2301's on Sound Anchor stands. I have the Sound Anchor stands for the 901's as well. Will post a pic.

What are you using for a pre? I'm driving my Mc611's with a c49 but haven't had them long enough for the shine to wear off yet, still sound AMAZING. When the time ultimately comes I think i'll keep the 611's and consider the c2700 or similar tube pre. Kef Blades are speakers.

My local dealer was messing around and bi-amped a pair of 805D4 with an MC275 on the top end and one of the two channel integrated amps on the bottom (MAC7200 I think) and it was pretty impressive how much it changed the sound. Don’t ask me about the wiring/setup as I don’t know but that showed me that there is a real potential for something like the 901. 

I think the good and bad thing will be the tweeter will more or less be adjustable. I find I don’t do well with that as I am always messing around lol. I can leave stuff alone.