Wow an old album that rocked your world

I know this is a Hifi forum but isn’t it about the music as well. Has anyone recently played a
Vinyl, disc or whatever you are into. One that you forgot was so good and totally was blown away by the music and the recording? If so share it with us. Mine was Mahavishnu orchestra Birds of Fire. Have not listened to that for some time. Wow. FORGOT HOW GOOD THAT WAS. 
This is what Hifi is all about IMO. 
I pulled out my original issue The Clash - Combat Rock to look for one song, and I ended up playing the whole album.  This is well-produced audiophile punk!  I had forgotten how huge and energetic this record was.  
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Yes - Close to the Edge
Genesis - Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick
ELP - Pictures at an Exhibition
Rick Wakeman - Journey to the Centre of the Earth
A somewhat obscure album that is seldom mentioned.  Joe Beck's album titled Beck. I bought this as a cutout in the 70s and it is one of the best finds ever. It was quickly re released as Beck and Sanborn.  The interplay between Beck's guitar and Sanborn's sax is awesome.  This is one of the "tastiest" albums I own.  +1 for Pat Metheny.  Al Dimeola's Elegant gypsy is also awesome.
@nitrobob, I flew to Baltimore last March to catch a Crack The Sky acoustic show at The Baltimore Soundstage. They were backed by a 5 piece string quartet and the show was fantastic. John Palumbo said they were taping the show; but, it has yet to show up on their website for purchase.

However, there is a 2 CD set from a May of 2008 acoustic show that I found on YouTube called "For Catherine." I think I paid $20 for it (including shipping) and I highly recommend it! The guy selling it (Markus Barth) also mastered the CD; so, all indications are this is an officially sanctioned bootleg.