Curious USB cable VS. Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB cable

I bought a 1.5 meter Curious USB cable - am breaking it in,  and am wondering if anybody else has done listening tests to compare it to Wireworld's Platinum Starlight 7 cable.

Out of the box,  I noticed the Curious cable was somewhat bass heavy,  which I didn't like because my listening room amplifies bass too much already.  Curious says that their cable needs about 250 hours of break in time.

thanks in advance for any opinions on this.
Finding the suitable cables to your system is a tricky process , The Wireworld's Platinum Starlight 7 cable is a great cable but no one can assure you that it will solve the over bass problem you are facing now,The only way is a home demo to find what is the best cable for your system and your personal taste.
I thought I'd post an update to this thread I started.  After being pretty sure I had adequately broken in the Curious USB cable,  I decided to go back to my Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 cable.  

The Curious cable sounded more laid back and and I noticed better channel separation with the Starlight 7 cable.  Didn't notice any greater "dimension" with the Curious.  As far as I know,  the better the channel separation,  the better the soundstage.  
Perhaps the Starlight 7 sounds better for the kind of music I listen to,  which tends to be pop/funk,  with punchy bass and drums.  The high end of the Curious was kind of "sweet" sounding - extended and laid back,  but the Starlight 7 seemed more real/natural sounding to me in general.
Thanks for the update.It's really helpful for others that are researching contenders for their 'short list'.
Good to know. I use several cables including Curious and don't have a bass issue with it. Of course however every cable sounds different in every system.
Can't speak to the Wireworld cable.   But I do have and enjoy the Curious USB, and have it sitting between a Melco N1A and a Chord Qutest.  I can attest that the Curious cable requires a considerable amount of break in.
I am very happy with the combination.  I think the other components in your system are pieces of the puzzle together with your own personal taste. 
Selling my Curious 1.5m A-B cable if anybody is interested.  It's listed now.  Thank you guys for all of your input on this subject.

I have owned a Platinum Starlight 7 USB, nice cable. I owned a Curious Cable USB, also a nice cable. I presently use a Final Touch Audio "FTA" Callisto, an extraordinary cable.
I am a bit late to the party. I have shortlisted both Curious USB and Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB and after a quick check found this thread. After reading the responses here I'm still clueless whether to go with the Wireworld or Curious.
I owned both. I preferred the Wireworld Platinum 7 by far.
Better in all things important to music. 

That’s good to know Ozzy. I’ll go with the Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7. I’m currently using Wireworld Ultraviolet which came free with the DAC purchase many years ago. Looks like it is time to upgrade the USB cable as it mustn’t be good if it’s free. 😂
Expect to pay anywhere between $500- $1000 if used. And they are hard to find used.

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Well...  I guess it's been My Lucky Day !
I found a LOCAL seller on "someotheraudiomart" offering a Platinum Starlight 7 USB 2.0 (1 m) and boom-BOOM - called, discussed, negotiated and closed the transaction in one day.  Woo-HOO !

Perfect 9/10 condition (with unblemished aluminum case and Wireworld Certificate)...  just over $550 CAD (which is about $0.20 USD these days, right ?).

Swapped out the Kimber USB-CU for Wireworld PS 7 and OMG, as the young folk say !!  Lots of "I never heard that before" and similar reactions.

However, the neutrality/transparency is a double-edged sword - more than a few favourite albums are revealed to be less than the sonic spectacular productions I imagine (want?) them to be.  Sometimes the truth hurts, so Buyer Beware this could be an unintended outcome.

For me - gimme everything ya got - I want to know how well "they" did their jobs in creating these works.  And...  a few Works of Recorded Art are truly stunning with the Wireworld PS 7 in service.
hello folks, I am actually testing usb cables :Curious evolved, vertere pulse HD, network acoustic usb new pros arriving next Wednesday. For now the vertere plus HD is by far the best ( price also!!!!). you better have a clean source  because the vertere is cristal clean for the god and the bad. I would not recommend the vertere if you do not have a top source!!!!!