Wrapping Up 2016

All in fun, there is always a wrap up of the year’s highlights, this is what comes to mind, feel free to add to the list:

Within recent memory we have discussed, solid state A , AB, class D and OTL and other tube amps, preamps, phono amps, turntables, tone arms, cartridges, cd players of all types, DACs, music servers, speaker cables, interconnects, PCs, room treatments, reflections off walls, floors, windows, tables, racks, platforms, fuses, receptacles, power conditioners, stands and stand mount monitors, towers, cone and electrostatic speakers, subwoofers, beverages and drugs to accompany listening, listening chairs, graphene, magnets, lasers, markers for CDs, record cleaners, cleaning solutions, tubes, tube dampeners, fuses, whatever comes into Geoff’s mind, music software, all the SR other tweaks, modders, CES and other shows, capacitors, music, wire and fuse directionality, cryogenics, watches, automobiles, televisions, home theater systems, and …….

randy, go for it., You got me curious, and "A desmodromic valve is a reciprocating engine valve that is positively closed by a cam and leverage system, rather than by a more conventional spring."

bdp24  I really agree with you 100% about Donovan, on the oldies stations you rarely hear any of his songs, perhaps Sunshine Superman once in a long while.  Somewhere in my collection I have a multiple set of Donovan LPs I picked up along the line.   Will dig them out when my Thorens is back up and running.  He had a lot of hits way back then.
Yeah Jetter, Donovan’s Sunshine Superman album is his classic. In 1967, every band in San Jose (including legendary Garage Band The Chocolate Watchband, seen in Roger Corman’s Riot On Sunset Strip movie) performed his "Season Of The Witch" from that album.
I posted desmodromic for crazy eddy - they are used in motorcycles, tho not the type he has

valve operation is a serious drag on engine rpm and other criteria, so I thought that general concept would also help with understanding audio component design
Under the radar Donovan tune worth a listen: Sunny Goodge Street. bdp, I was in a band in a tiny town in southeast TX at that time and we did "Season of the Witch." I liked Terry Reid’s version.
Yup Tostado, Terry's version is a good one. The guys on the first Super Session album (Stephen Stills, Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper) did it too, but in an only okay version I thought.