Wright WPL20 or WLA20A ???

I don't need a phono stage. Wright Sound web site does not make clear if these are equivalent line stages or if WPL20 is better. I will buy NOS tubes for whichever unit I buy:

Listen mostly to Jazz. Some Pop and Classical. Have following system:

Sony XA777es w/ Dan Wright mods
Berning ZH-270
Meadowlark Osprey


Hello Ken.You have a wonderful system!The wright line stage is the wpl 12a,the wpl-20 is basically the same line stage coupled with a phono stage.A good friend uses an identical system as yours with[shearwater hotrods].He aquired the wright preamp wpl-20 after using an audible Illusions 3a[no slouch] for a few years.Although his wright was acquired more for vinyl playback, it dramatically improved his system in every way.I have personally auditioned it in my own system and can attest to its magical qualities.Needless to say,I am now a big "fan" of George Wrights products and would recommend their equipment without reservation.Cheers David.