Wycliffe Gordon - Dreams Of New Orleans 24/192

Excellent recording !!!!!
Thanks Chesky Records again and have a nice holidays.
This is The Chesky Records Binaural+ recording technique, fit for both
speakers and headphones, captures the timeless sound of musicians
playing in great acoustic settings. And now, starting with the Binaural+
sessions, Chesky Records has taken that approach to the next level.
If you are really Audiophile and jazz fan, Please, please listen this record!!!
I just picked up the 24/96 download from HDTracks. Wonderful jazz artistry and top drawer sonics. A must have!
I work at a small jazz club in New Orleans. We have had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Gordon a few times. His live shows are incredible.
Wycliffe gave a clinic to my son's high school band and really connected with the kids. Seems like a really nice man.