XA9000ES or Better Quality for a Streaming

What DAC is recommended in order to get good quality streams from as Logitech Duet? I wish to get equal or better quality to my XA9000ES player. All files are ripped at CD lossless or better. I would like to stay around $1000 or less.
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Hi Patrick,

The Benchmark DAC1 is probably one of the best bargains in all of HiFi for $995 new. If you could go to $1500, then I would recommend a used Bel Canto DAC3 which goes for $2500 new.

I've owned both of them and the DAC3 has a better midrange, and is more musical. The Benchmark is more analytical and detailed. You can't go wrong with either one. A person could spend $10,000 on a DAC and only do marginally better.

The Benchmark DAC1 lacks a remote but has a built in headphone AMP if that's important to you, and the Bel Canto DAC3 comes with a remote.
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DAC1 is on my short list too. I din't have a dealer to listen to this stuff right now so I will rely on recommendsations and www reviews.
Appologies -
My source was/is CD's ripped to a lossless format. I may be adding some 24/96 downloads. Currently a logitech Harmony is the source for the stream but the DAC's are not all that great thus my desire to upgrade.
I'm open to other ideas and may consider adding a dedicated computer if that would be best but I already have serveral in the house to maintain so it's not my first choice.
Hey Patrick,

No problem at all. I'm using a Transporter as a source in the Living Room, and I compared the Transporter DAC, the Duet DAC, the Benchmark DAC, and the Bel Canto DAC3.

Not surprising I'm sure, but the best one was the Bel Canto, then in descending order was the Benchmark, Transporter, and Duet.

When I bought my Benchmark, I also went by the reviews and benchmark offered me a 30 day return policy, so give them a call.
I have an adcom gfp-750 I use in passive mode for my preamp. Do you feel the DAC1 pre section is as good or would you recommend still using the adcom?
Great preamp, but I can't say that I've heard it myself. The DAC1 has a passive preamp, which is pretty good, but it doesn't have any switching abilty, and if that is something that you need, then I would recommend the Benchmark DAC1-Preamp. It just won a Golden Ear Award for 2009 in The Absolute Sound this month. You could probably get one one of those used here within your budget.