XMOS XU208 Or Amanero USB?

I am looking for thoughts on which would be the preferred module and why? I have toyed with better digital stuff, but never made a commitment. I am now looking more seriously. My main use for this new DAC will be for streaming/music server as I am still prefer analog for my serious listening, but I want to get seriously good sound, just not the nth degree into digital.
These seem to be USB "bridges".  You want USB in; what do you want out?

Each of these cards requires a power supply.

Do you have a DAC that you want it to bridge to?

What do you have? What is your budget?

I have an Amenaro card built into my DAC.  It's great.  Each of these cards, including the popular SingXer, has its adherents.  My conclusion after a lot of reading is that they all do the job well.