Yamaha AX 1 or the big Denon?

Which one is best on HT?? processor and sound effects.. ect

(I don't care about the two channel stereo sound)

Please help me out.

Hi Alex, I had both Yamaha's DSP A-1 and and Denon's AVR-5700, both 1998's top of the line. The Yamaha was very good, but the Denon was significantly better. Much clearer dialogue, bigger and more solid bass and 5 channel "stereo". Michael Fremer had said in his review that the DAC's alone were worth the price of the receiver. The 5800 and AX-1 will most likely yield the same result if compared.Definitely go with the Denon.
Which one is better totally is up to you sonically. reviewers have their own opinions of which is best and that may or may not translate back to you and what you think is good. Both are state of the art but to say one is significantly better, partially because a reviewer thought the DAC were worth the price, is not using good judgement. One thing that cannot be disputed is the fact Denon equipment is much less reliable than Yamaha. If I were you I would go with the less exensive of the 2. they are both going to sound wonderful so you may as well save some money if you can.
Gekko, with all due respect, I know from owning both pieces and using them extensively that the Denon is superior to the Yamaha, and that is on every level. The fact that one of the worlds most respected reviewers, not "a" reviewer corroborates my experience only helps to support my opinion, and perhaps help Texas25 make his decision. By the way, that same reviewer just happened to have reviewed the Yamaha a month or two earlier, and although clearly liking the Yamaha, he put the Denon in another league altogether, as I did before reading the reviews. Simply put, I bought the Yamaha, and after hearing the Denon, sold my Yamaha at a considerable loss for the Denon.
Also I've never had a repair problem in over 18 years of using Denon products, not to say that counts for anything. Texas 25 was asking for opinions, and I am offering one from personal experience. Saying to pick whichever one you like best is not the issue. Reviews and opinions can help in these decisions.