Yamaha CX-5200 replacement???

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I have been researching Yamaha’s CX-5200 pre processor and I am full aware of the XLR issues and of its phenomenal reviews. I presently have a Primare SP32 HD processor outdated for sure. The home theatre is very good and the two channel is stunning. Hard to let go but with no 4K/pass through, on screen menus, hdmi 2.0/2.1/2.2, Atmos/Aura sound and 2-3 sub outs it’s concerning. Is there a new Yamaha processor in the works or should I look to another brand? 

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Good question, definitely upgrade to atmos/auro 3d. Yamaha hasn't put out any info on a new processor yet and I would look to another brand. Marantz and Anthem just put out new processors and the good news is prices on their previous processors have dropped significantly. If you don't need 8K yet checkout the Marantz 8805 (without the 8K board) on accessories4less.com, steeply discounted at 50% off at $2500. 

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I wasn't  aware of xlr problems with that pre pro. I was currently searching for a cz 5000. Are there similar issues within model?  Thanks

The XLR issues were higher distortion levels than all other channels. I think that’s a huge factor especially for two channel listening.  

Found the reason….

Just an FYI for those of you hooking up your CX-A5200's. There's a flaw on the 5200 where using the XLR's on the main L&R channels causes the output voltage VS distortion to increase quite a bit..

Boy that's a deal breaker as I biwire the front 3 channels with split xlr cables to separate amps. Thanks for the info

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Onkyo just launched a new flagship receiver, I hope they follow up with a processor.