Yamaha GT 2000 with 40 pound copper platter.

This is much too pretty not to share. The turntable belongs to AudioKarma member Mark B

Dear @stereo5  : This was the Yamaha top of the line TT:


and this one a step down:


Some Agoners own it.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Hey Raul,
You just gave me an idea for a good sign-off...
As I mentioned on this forum once before, if you visit the audiophile salons in Tokyo, the 2000 GT is one of the most common of the high end turntables that you will find for sale, in secondhand condition of course. Conversely, I have never seen a GT 2000X for sale. They generally command more than twice the price of a nice 2000 GT, if you can find one at all. There was an optional gunmetal platter for these tables that weighed 18 kg, which is even more than the platter on the SP 10 Mark III. So I have no doubt that the 2000 can handle a 40 pound platter without much trouble for the motor.
Almost correct. I feel that they named the series incorrectly. They called them Gigantic and Tremendous. The series should have been named The Satisfier. That is more apt.
And I keep reversing the alphanumeric designation.  Toyota made a sports car in the 60s that they called the "2000GT". It's now very valuable to collectors. The Yamaha tt is "GT2000" or GT2000X.  Sorry for any confusion.

Any idea where to buy this copper platter ? The original can cost more than 2000x 😮

The only person who would need to buy the copper platter would be a GT 2000 owner. Mark.B is the AudioKarma member who arranges for the copper platter. He regularly posts on the GT 2000 Social Group thread over there.

Given the fact the GT 2000 has a 14'' platter it's harder to house said TT because the plinth has to be larger and a longer tonearm is needed? Selection of tone arms can be limited? Also paying a machinist to build a larger platter almost 15'' would cost more.ncould we build a platter in a smaller diameter as most all other tt's seem to have, with the same mass? It might be 4'' thick idk, but could it be done? A smaller platter diameter but thicker and have it still fit on the standard spindle? Wouldn't it be the same in use, same sound quality? 

Less rotational inertia, which is the main point of the high mass. But sure, it would “work”. Lower inertia would make it easier in the motor.

If you believe Vintage Knob, the GT2000 could be purchased with an optional high torque motor, the same motor that was standard on the X version. If I was going to use a 40-lb platter, I’d want that bigger motor.

Everytime I come here lewm you post the same incorrect info. Every time. Please, this time, walk away from the keyboard.

Do a search for’GT 2000 threads, here in A’gon. I have run out of patience. Telling you, over and over and over through the decades that your total knowledge of the GT 2000 tuntable series is incorrect.

Please an A’gon search for GT 2000 threads. There you will see that I have corrected you so many times. Every time you post the same inaccurate content. Read my correcting your ’fiction’. Read my correction. Please don’t post The Vintage Knob garbage one more time...



So you’re saying that vintage knob is wrong, because all I am doing and ever have done is to quote what is available on vintage knob?. I do realize that vintage knob is often incorrect. Which is why I prefaced my remark by stating the case “if you believe vintage knob”. I promise you I will never write another word about the GT 2000 turntable, if you will enlighten me further; is it your position that the GT2000 only came with one standard motor and was never available with the X motor? Or do you claim that the 2000 and the X used the same motor? I’ll take your response as gospel truth; I promise. 

The GT2000/2000L/2000X all used the same motor.

The GT2000X has a larger bearing & spindle - if you look at the GT2000X the truncated pyramid below the spindle is steel. On the GT2000 & 2000L the truncated pyramid below the spindle is brass. Source is actual TT's not vintage knob.

The gunmetal platter YGT-1 was an optional upgrade for any of the GT2000 series.

Check out the start up times - with the YGT-1 on the GT2000X it takes about 4 times longer to get to speed than with the standard platter.

Basically the GT2000X came standard with same motor, bigger plinth, bigger main bearing & improved tonearm.


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