Yamaha M-60 worth a refurb?

I'm kicking around the idea of picking up a Yamaha M-60/C-60 combination for a couple hundred dollars.  The C-60 preamp is supposedly solid, but the M-60 amplifier has one channel with low output which will need to be repaired/refurbed.  I'm guessing this could cost a few hundred dollars?

Assuming I have $450 - $500 into the amp when all is said and done.  Is it worthwhile investment, or is there something better on the used market I should look for?  I'm currently using a Rotel RB-1080 on a pair of Klipsch Chorus II's, and I'm thinking the vintage Yamaha would pair better.  I want to stay in the solid state realm. 

When tuned up right, nice powerfull sound for little money, sounded great with a cd, dac or source plugged direct in and use the front level controls for volume.

Cheers George

The other reason that intrigues me about this amp is the class A mode.  My Chorus II's are very efficient so I believe the amp would be in class A mode quite often.

I liked the Rotel RB-1080 a lot better when it was driving a pair of Vendersteen 2CE sigs.  My plan is to move it back to that system.