Yanni or Laurel?

Is this why some reviewers/audiophiles hear differences others can't?


I only hear Laurel and my wife only hears Yanni.  
On the link above, through a Mac Book Pro, Laurel. On a car radio, Yanni. 

OMG.... this is so easy to understand I'm embarrassed that it's befuddled so many people.   Gee... if only audiophiles had tone controls or worse yet, access to an Eeekqualizer in their systems, they could very easily demonstrate that if you boost the low mids (300-600 Hz)... you and everybody would hear Laurel, and if you boost the upper mids (1-4k) you will hear nothing but Yanny.   (And if you go back to 1989... you'll hear nothing but Yanni.... but i digress).   It depends on which partials of sound dominate in your brain...  and that depends BOTH on your hearing, and the playback system.    
jond, the slider is really cool.

As I moved from center to the right toward Yanni the word morphed into something else. Two lines to the right of center I here Lori, three lines to the right of center I hear Yanni and all the way to the right on the word Yanni I hear Jerry. From one line right of center and all the way to the left on Laura I here Laura.  

I'm not sure what's going on with my hearing but maybe I don't want to know. Oh, I my system sounds better than anybody else's! 
OK, here is my sociobiology explanation.  More women hear Yanny because they have spent years tuning out their male partner's deep voice while listening carefully to their female friend's high voices for emotional support.  Men are just the opposite. 

An alternative is that those of us who only hear Laurel (me included) may have blown our high range hearing listening to too much loud music over the years and now essentially filter everything we hear towards bass and lower mid range tones.  Perhaps why Rudy Van Gelder later remasters all sound super hot in the treble - too many recording sessions in small rooms - he now has to turn the treble up to hear it in balance with the rest.
Or, you say tomato and I say tomato.