YBA CD1 Delta what does it compare to ?

I had a YBA CD1 Alpha for 5 years now.. and I sold it a few weeks ago..

Now i am in the market for a used/demo CD player.

I currenlty have a YBA PRE1 YBA Diamond interconnects and speaker cable with a Harman Kardon Citation II amp HIGHLY MODIFIED..( work in progress) currenlty using a YBA 2HCDT amp as loaner.

I was looking for feedback if any of you ever listened to
the YBA CD1 DELTA its Yves Bernard new version of the Alpha..and If so what where your comments on it ?


great deck......one of the best available,check out the levinson decks, no.39 or the s version,390 would be even better still......great combo with yba stuff.
Well I got my Delta CD1 ..Its a big step in spatial presence/detail extraction compared to the Alpha. My CD1 alpha was like a great turntable ..very smooth and relaxed.. but it lacked the above and missed abit in the lower octave(s).

This is an amazing step up in YBA products.. I have upgraded from 3's to 2's and had a 1 system for 6 years. Never has a product had such a positive gain in my systems.

On the other side..
The CD1 Delta lossed some of its analog sound..I will miss that part "just abit" :)

I have been listening to the Delta CD1 via an Integre Passion as well as my PRE1 alpha and a loaner YBA 1 Delta HC amp.

The soundstage is soooo different with both setups.. The Passion Integre has allot of air around everthing... but compared to the YBA 1 HC and YBA PRE "alpha" it does not have realistic size and position for voices/instruments. The Passion Integre is allot of fun to listen to because its not laid back like the 1 combo... but on the other hand the YBA 1 combo has amazing mids and huge left front and back/front soundsatge that the Passion Integre misses out on. The Passion is more front sounding with less depth in soundtage as the 1 combo.

The Integre Passion is able to drive my Dynaudio Countour II MKII with ease.. I was surprised..

Its going to be hard to decide between The YBA 1HC Delta or the Passion Integre.

I have a YBA CD1 Alpha. I am told by the Canadian distributor that it's overall presentation is better in every way. I have also been told that the dual power supply version is another giant leap in musicality.
The new YBA CD Sigma series released only recently is a big improvement on the Delta.

I have a Micromega Drive 3/Dac 2 combo which I really like with the YBA Passion Integre. When I first auditioned the Passion Integre last year I also compared the Micromega with the YBA 3 Delta. Overall, I thought the Micromega sounded pretty good if not better. I also listened to the YBA CD1 Delta which was truly impressive but also thought its timing was not quite right.

A few weeks ago I listened to the Sigma Series. The CD 3 Sigma was so good that it made the Micromega sound artificial and edgy. Micromega was an attempted reroduction of the muisc. The YBA was live music. The CD 3 Sigma was simply magical. The dealer (in Paris) mentioned that Yves Bernard Andre made major improvements to the CD players. I ordered on the spot. Unfortunately I have to wait for 2 months for delvery (January 05). Reason? ...too much demand for the Sigma CD players - YBA simply can't cope.

I also listend to other CD players from Cyrus, Meridian, Arcam and Chord (I am based in the UK). They all sound good but digital and are way behind the YBA Sigma series.

I believe other good CD players are the Resolution Audio Opus and the Audio Research CD3.